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When I first met Laura, I was very uncertain with regards to my career. Unhappiness in my job was having a detrimental effect on my life in general leasing to a lacking of direction or motivation in any area. 
Laura helped me put structure in place to identify where changes were needed and how to make smaller changes which could be built on. 
Through having an unbiased listener to speak to, it became clear what the next steps were and with this knowledge I was less fearful to commit and carry them out. 
The effect: a new job, a happier and more relaxed me and a plan of action and motivation to start doing the things I love again.
Just having someone to listen and help take the confusion out of an overwhelming situation has resulted in such a turnaround in a very short space of time and I will be eternally grateful to Laura for giving me that new improved perspective on my life. 
Thank you Laura, you really helped me rediscover myself. The journey is far from over, but at least now it has started.
Mrs H, Neston

When I first started seeing Laura I was struggling with quite a few big work and life decisions. She helped me break down my worries into manageable pieces and put strategies in place to deal with them. Laura's unbiased ear helped me to process what was happening and understand what the next steps should be.

I found the practical support really h
elpful, the strategies she gave me helped me cope at a tricky time and I still find myself going back to them now! Laura helped give me some self confidence back by challenging the way I was feeling and making me focus on the solid facts rather than my emotional reaction.

If you are also struggling to navigate some big things in your life I really couldn’t recommend Laura enough.
Miss E, Wiltshire

My life coaching sessions with Laura were very rewarding.  She made me think about various aspects of my life, where I felt I had some issues, from a different perspective.
I was made to feel relaxed and Laura was able to coax some ‘hidden away’ issues out and help me to deal with them. 
Mrs P, Trowbridge  

Laura is very easy to talk to. She helped me to look at the things that were making me anxious and to find ways of coping/changing. 
I have had counselling before but found Coaching more solution focused which suited me better. I would recommend anyone to try. 
Mrs G, Trowbridge

I've been working with Laura for just over a year now and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone else. She's helped me immensely with short and long term goals in my career as well as personal life. More importantly than that, she has enabled me to discover the real me, leave insecurities and self-sabotage in the past and live my life with a new lease of confidence.
She is incredibly personable and from the very first session onwards I found it incredibly easy to talk to her and open up. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience and would be more than happy to discuss with anyone who is considering life coaching!
Mr M, Corsham

Laura supported me in securing a new job. I had been in the same line of work for many years and although I knew I was unhappy in my work and should be moving on, I wasn't able to do this without the coaching from Laura. Laura helped give me the confidence to consider employment far removed from my previous jobs. She helped me identify transferable skills and my personal attributes. Laura was encouraging throughout the process and helped with self confidence and the belief that I was capable of making changes. 
Mrs R, Corsham


Laura is a talented coach who demonstrates great insight and also provides a fully rounded coaching service.  She asks challenging questions, listens, remembers  and takes you to places that you may not have always explored in the past.  I met with Laura when Covid hit us all and this did shift some of the context.  However, she helped me to explore my options with my career when I was made redundant and always provided me with some tools to help me work my way through some challenging times.  Laura is great at providing practical support even sending links to possible new roles.  

I would recommend Laura in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to find a new future whether that be in a career or perhaps even more importantly for realising their full potential in life.

Mrs A, Devizes


When I first went to see Laura I didn’t really know what was wrong but I knew the balance I had across my life was making me feel exhausted and unhappy.


Through my sessions with Laura she unpicked various layers and helped me to release the negative emotions I was carrying. Her encouragement to me to stop living so much of my life in my head and thinking about the next thing has had a profound effect on my wellbeing and allowed me to become much more aware of the present.


Emotional wellbeing has often been a taboo subject for men in particular; the sessions with Laura have enabled me to accept myself, enjoy my own company and take more care of myself…..what’s not to like about that !


Its not been an easy journey and there will be many more bumps in the road but managing the inner voice has been one of the biggest takeaways from my work with Laura.


I would recommend Laura’s work to anyone wanting to step outside of their comfort zone, face their fears as growth and learning takes place when you are challenged not when you are comfortable.


Laura provides that challenge.

Mr W, Wiltshire

I started having sessions with Laura after about 2 years of intermittent episodes that were worsening. It included breathlessness and severe anxiety attack like symptoms. This started to affect all aspects of my life including my work and relationships. I had all the tests through the GP but all was normal. So I felt completely lost for what to do.


A friend recommended Laura as he had found the sessions helped massively. 


The sessions have been life changing. We started by making small changes to my daily routine. Step by step we managed to put me back into complete control of my life again and my symptoms have dramatically reduced. 


I can’t thank Laura enough. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without her. 

Mr J, Wiltshire

I have been seeing Laura for a few months now and have found Coaching absolutely life changing. Laura is a lovely person, very easy to talk to and she has helped me to look at my life in a different way, understanding reasons for certain behaviour patterns and helping me to let go of negative experiences in an uplifting, positive way. If you think her service may be of help to you, don't hesitate to contact her, you will be so glad you did.

Ms C, Trowbridge

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