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How does it work?

Coaching focuses completely on you and the future, helping you to achieve your chosen goals. An exploratory approach is taken to help you to determine what you want, what is stopping you and how you are going to achieve your goals. 

Through ​listening and asking the right questions, coaching can help you find your path, your answers, and improve and grow. New perspectives and different ways of looking at situations allows you to discover why you feel stuck and can identify any deeper issues that are causing frustration.

Coaching and mentoring can provide you with a feeling of purpose, direction and increasing confidence. It is a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement which enables you to fulfil your full potential. Once actions are agreed, you will be accountable for making positive changes, with the support of your coach.

Who can a coach help?

A coach can help anyone who wants to be on the right path to success, make a change, be more confident, is feeling 'stuck', try to find their life purpose or start to do what they love. You don't need to have a set goal, just know that something has to change.

There are many reasons why people seek a coach and, if you are committed to exploring new ideas and trying different tactics, these sessions will be invaluable.

If you know you want more from life, an increased self-awareness and wider thinking can help you become more focused, whilst being more mindful of your current belief system allows you to adopt new ways of understanding.

What does the coach do?

The coach will work in partnership with you to help find answers, feel empowered and able to move towards the life that you really want.

Your coach will listen and challenge you, hold you accountable for the actions you decide to take and offer a non-judgemental safe space enabling you to gain more self-awareness and a greater insight into who you are.

Does coaching work?

"I went for coaching not really knowing what to expect, but knowing that something was stopping me from moving on in my life and keeping me from being truly happy.

I find it difficult to speak about anything personal but, straight away, I felt at ease,  comfortable answering the questions asked and sharing things I had never really talked about before.

Through the sessions I have been able to piece together reasons for certain behaviours and "walls" I have built around myself over the years which have stopped me from moving on in my life.

I have been learning to let go of traumatic experiences that I have not dealt with in the past, recognise behaviour that I have passed on to my children and how, importantly, I need to look after myself to be able to look after others.

I really feel that this experience has been life changing for me as it has made me evaluate my life and take steps to positively move forward. I really look forward to our sessions and ,even though some emotions can be hard to relive, the focus is always on the positive, looking for ways to deal with them and move forward through setting small steps each session towards my own personal goals".  Mrs C, Melksham.

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